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  • DELTA is a triangular area that splits river in several smaller parts; tough and can stands the force of time.

    The fit is taken from our signature cut developed from FOXTROT Pants, easily recognized from the knee part with 4 points of articulations. This cut provides more leg room and supports wide range of movement.

    Three cargo pockets are attached in three different sizes, and sewed in a diagonal direction, for easier reach and operation. The smallest one lined in with the medium-sized pocket on the right side. The small pocket used flap opening, fastened with high-quality velcro. The medium pocket used zipper opening system that's easy to operate, able to fit various valuables (i.e. phone, wallet). The biggest pocket is attached on the left side, with large opening (also using zipper opening system), as wide as the medium pocket and small pocket combined, it can fit large or multiple items inside, the bartacked construction ensures the safety of the pockets.

    If you need any adjustment on the leg opening, the drawstring can be pulled and tied to change the width of the opening.

    Designed and Manufactured in SMALL BATCH at ORBITGear in-house studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

    Senna is 170cm/58kg and wearing size M.

    • Lightweight & Breathable
    • 7 Pockets
    • Right Side Cargo Pocket separated into 2 Pockets, One Large Zip Pocket & 1 Small Flap Velcro Pocket
    • Left Side Cargo Pocket is a large zip pocket
    • 2 Back Pocket (Right Pocket is fastened using Coil Zipper)
    • Snap Button Fastener
    • Enhanced 4-point Articulation Panel
    • Adjustable Drawstring Hem
    • fit True to Your Size
    • Durable 100% Cotton Ripstop
    • YKK Snap Button
    • YKK Zipper Set
    • Semi-Auto Lock Sliders
    • Industrial Grade Webbing
    • Edge Binding Tape

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