F/W19 Our Living Nightmare

Hydra Shell System

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HYDRA lurking in the deep sea.
They are anxious yet extremely excited to launch the attack as a response to human greed to attain incomparable power.
They are angry yet happy that they are finally able to launch an attack to demolished humankind.
It is our ambition that draws their anger. It is our insatiable hunger for power that will destroy us in the end.

HYDRA Shell System is a set of jacket and vest cut from Ripstop Fabric and elecrSHIELD; a waterproof and breathable shell developed by ORBITGear.
HYDRA Shell System made of 2 different shell pieces. The top outer is a hooded vest and the base platform is a 3L normal jacket. Both pieces can be used as an independent shell or wear as a set.
HYDRA Shell System feature magNETIC V Buckle fastening system by FIDLOCK Germany, a total of 6 pockets, industrial grade webbing, YKK hardware and YKK Zipper.

Cut and sewn at an in-house studio in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Specs & Features

elecroSHIELD 3L Waterproof-Breathable Fabric
Cotton Ripstop Fabric
YKK Snap Button
DELRIN Zipper Set
Industrial - Grade Webbing
Fidlock V Buckle magNETIC Fastener

Modular System
2Way Zipper
6 Pockets
Removable Hooded Vest
Handmade at ORBITGear in-house studio in Jakarta, Indonesia


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