ORBITGear x KINSupplies SP001-Tote Bag


Special Drop: ORBITGear x KINSupplies Carry System Collaboration

While we're no stranger to KINSupplies as we've been co-developed and co-produce gear the whole time, we never really dedicate ourselves to work on the same gear together.
As we began to aware and curious about how things will come out if we combine our ideas, this SPECIAL DROP project is the result.
ORBITGear x KINSupplies Special Drop consisting of SP001 Convertible Tote Bag and MOD01-Splinter in various fabric options.

SP001- Tote bag is a unique convertible tote bag that can be transformed into Duffle Bag, featured 8 native compartments and upgradable with MODs System.

elecor580D 100% PES  or XPAC Fabric / T210D PA liner / Magnetic Slider Buckle / YKK Zipper System / PES Webbing / 6.6 PA Bonded Thread

Transformable Cut / Weatherproof / Computerized Bartack

3 Pockets [ External ] + 4 Pockets [ Internal ] incl Main Compartment

Dimension / Weight_
Refer to the Last Image

MOD01-SPLINTER / MODZIP [ All Size ] / MODF [ All Size ] / MOD-PC / MOD-BT / PAD+ / AXIS Sling System


Type: Other